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Truck Cleaning Tools

User Researcher, Prototyper

Talon cleaning kit

I created an kit of cleaning tools with a multidisciplinary team (designers, engineers, and marketers) for the International Eagle brand truck. The company tasked us with designing a lifestyle product that would improve brand recognition. We followed a rigorous design process that included ethnographic research with truck drivers, brainstorming opportunities, gathering feedback, and testing prototypes. I advocated that the team rent a U-Haul truck and gain experience cleaning a truck ourselves, rather than solely asking truck drivers about their cleaning needs. Based on this experience, I created a wipe holder that combines the wet cleaning power of a wipe and the conformity of a sponge with the stability of a rigid grip. The kit improves brand recognition because truck drivers use the product at truckstops within view of other drivers. Patent pending.

This work was a part of Carnegie Mellon's Integrated Product Development class, which inspired the book Creating Breakthrough Products. My team included students from design, engineering, and the MBA program.

Setting a focus

Truck driver
Interviewing truck drivers

Existing tools
Team member trying to clean a truck with existing tools

Value opportunity analysis

Hard to reach areas
Asking truck drivers to color in hard-to-clean areas

Form prototypes
Form prototypes

Functional prototype
Functional prototypes

Functional prototype of wipe holder. The disposable wipe is backed by foam, and is held by magnets onto a solid metal/rubber grip.


Talon cleaning kit
The completed cleaning kit.