Hi, I'm Gerry Chu.

I am a UX Researcher and Designer living in Seattle. I work at Zillow and I raise chickens in my backyard.

I believe in the importance of user research to inform my designs, and I create prototypes to bring my work to life. Both of these have been growing focuses of my interest and peer-evangelism.

My greatest weakness is saikoyaki, followed closely by ice cream. I'm a fan of Lawrence Halprin, snow-capped mountains, and subway maps—with some exceptions.

My resume in html. My LinkedIn profile. Email:

Selected iOS / Android Apps

Target iPhone Target iPad Financial Prototype
REI Snow Report iPhone REI Snow Report Android trutv Android

Other Projects

I’ve spent several years making the physical and digital realms interact. I can code, I can build circuits, and I'm handy in a machine shop.

Featherweight multimedia nanoTouch Cleaning tools Soundx

I maintain a separate website at for my water fountains, water photography, and interactive art.